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Tara Given

Director at Large

This is Tara’s first year serving on the board. Her son will be in second grade and her daughter is entering kindergarten. She is passionately dedicated to working as part of the team to foster a close-knit school community where children thrive, parents feel a strong sense of belonging and teachers are valued and appreciated in their work environment.

Tara's professional journey has been comprised of various opportunities to be creative and help others. Previously, she worked on a team of event planners to orchestrate successful personal development seminars. Before that, she enjoyed the world of film production and acting (theater, film, television and improvisation). Now she is devoted to enjoying every moment with her family. 

Tara eagerly anticipates collaborating with an inspiring group of individuals to uphold the cherished uniqueness of Rhoades. She looks forward to contributing to the growth and success of the school moving forward in a positive direction. 

Tara Given
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