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The Rhoades School supports the development of academically advanced, productive, creative, and socially adept students in grades K-8.


The Rhoades School offers a dynamic educational journey of discovery and exploration for students who are intellectually curious, creative and eager to embrace new academic challenges and opportunities.  We work with students at their highest level of learning and take them as far as they can go.  


Core Values:

Academic Achievement: We cultivate in our students the Habits of Mind that foster intellectual curiosity, analytical and creative thinking, and the pursuit of learning as a lifelong endeavor.


Developing Character: We teach individuals to live with integrity, responsibility, confidence, compassion and respect for themselves and others.


Intrinsic Motivation: We strive to promote motivation that comes from the pleasure one gets from the task or act itself rather than from outside rewards such as grades or prizes.



The Rhoades School is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited.


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