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Melissa Burstein

Director at Large/Communications

Melissa became a Rhoades parent in 2017 when her older daughter Alessia entered kindergarten. Alessia is now in 5th grade and Melissa’s younger daughter Evelina is in 1st grade. This is Melissa’s first year on the Rhoades Foundation Board on which she will be the Communications Director. Melissa has been active as a room parent and a volunteer for Foundation events.

Melissa, her husband, and their kids are passionate travelers and enthusiastic foodies. At home, Melissa enjoys hiking, practicing karate, and supporting her kids’ extracurricular activities.

Professionally, Melissa’s background is international management, sales, and marketing in the life-sciences industry. She was an entrepreneur and executive at a medical laser company for almost two decades and is now taking a break from professional roles to focus on her family and volunteering.

Melissa Burstein
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