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2022 Sponsorship Opportunities 

Signing up as a sponsor is an opportunity to represent your business while supporting the Rhoades School's largest annual fundraiser. All proceeds go directly to providing enhancements to the school. 

Image by Anthony Choren
Image by Louis Hansel
Palm Trees

SANDS $1000


PALM $500

  • Two tickets to the fundraiser 

  • Name/logo on Foundation website

  • 10 raffle tickets

  • Social Media recognition

  • Name/logo on Gala Program

  • Name/Logo/link on all emails regarding the Gala to all Rhoades parents. 

  • Two tickets to the fundraiser 

  • Name/logo on Foundation website

  • 5 raffle tickets

  • Social Media recognition

  • Two tickets to the fundraiser 

  • Name/logo on Foundation website

Sponsorship Donation

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!



Please fill out the donation form. Reach out with any questions:

About The Rhoades Foundation 

​The Rhoades School Foundation is the parent support organization for The Rhoades School.  We partner with the school to create a positive educational experience for our children. Over the years The Rhoades School Foundation has evolved from a paid membership program to its current status, today all parents with children attending the school are members of the Foundation.  While we no longer require a contribution to be a member, we still rely on parent contributions to support our funding needs.  In the coming school year, the Foundation is projecting to spend between $450 and $500 per child to enrich our children’s educational experience. We need and appreciate your support to make these programs come to life.

Our Core Values


​Your Rhoades Foundation leadership team wants parents to know exactly what we stand for before you decide how best to contribute your time or money. In short, here are the key values and core principles that will guide the Foundation’s behavior:

  • The Foundation's primary purpose is to provide a better educational experience for our children and supplemental learning enhancements for the children and the faculty, build school spirit within the community we serve.  This is the key litmus test for all we will do.

  • The Foundation efforts are closely aligned with the goals of the school to ensure all efforts add incremental value to our children's education experience. To this end the faculty and staff of The Rhoades School will be active partners in our discussions regarding Foundation activities.

  • The Foundation exists to serve the families of The Rhoades School by creating and supporting the things our Rhoades community value most. As such, your participation, support and ideas will determine our success.

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