Recap- A Year of Service Learning at Rhoades

This year at Rhoades, we have participated in many service projects for people all around the world.


The Girl Rising Club and Change Makers elective at our school raised money and awareness to help provide an education for children, and other important causes such as human rights. The Girl Rising Club helped provide an education for two girls, Ruth from Peru and Akon from South Sudan.  As a community, we raised money by doing an open-mic night (a talent show), in which $2,100 was raised for both Girl Rising and Change Makers, and $1,400 was raised at the Girl Rising Bazaar, as well as at several bake sales at lunch time.  With the money raised we will provide for housing, tuition, books, uniforms and health care for two girls through She's the First.


This year our school also focused a lot on food insecurity, and we decided to help out through service projects and fundraising.  Our school attended multiple events at Feeding America San Diego, where we learned about how people suffer from hunger every day, and don't know where their next meal is coming from.   We gleaned and packaged food, which was distributed to people all over San Diego who are food insecure.  Rhoades families participated in 2 food sorts, in the fall and the spring, where we helped sort 3,000 pounds of pears, 2,400 pounds of carrots, 2,250 pounds of tomatoes, 1,605 pounds of oranges and 2,175 pounds of apples. We also assembled 194 food backpacks for students on the free lunch program.  On a separate trip to Feeding San Diego, the eighth graders gleaned 1,100 pounds of brussel sprouts for hungry families.


Our school also participated in various service learning projects at every grade level. 56 care packages were assembled and donated to the homeless through the San Diego Rescue Mission by 5th graders, which included food and warm clothes. 32 8th graders developed lesson plans and taught 32 kindergartners and 28 1st graders about food waste and insecurity.  Our kindergarten, first and fourth grade classes made donations to Feeding San Diego from the money raised through their school play, Chez Rhoades, and the Empty Bowls project.


Lastly, our school participated in the Pulsera Project this year. The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that empowers artisans from Nicaragua and Guatemala. These artisans create cool, colorful bracelets called pulseras. Each pulsera comes with the person's picture who made it. This project helps artists with better housing, loans for their businesses, education for their children and improving their rights.  At the Rhoades School, the 6th graders raised $1,500 to help these artists from Nicaragua and Guatemala by selling the Pulseras to our school community.  We also sold bolsitas, which are handwoven bags made by these artisans. By selling Pulseras we changed someone's life, and it felt so good to help these artisans.  In our Spanish class, we also learned about the "Nica" culture, and how everyone in Nicaragua is extremely happy.  Nicaragua is ranked #14 for happiness in the world!  I hope we made a big impact on the artisans from Nicaragua and Guatemala, helping them with their children's education, working rights, and their homes.


This year, we have done a lot to help people, and I hope we can do the same each year to make a difference in the world for others.

Click here to see a brilliant video recap of our successes.




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