Coloring the World

The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that empowers artisans from Nicaragua and Guatemala. These artisans create cool, colorful bracelets called pulseras.  Each pulsera comes with the person's picture who made it.


This project helps artists with better housing, loans for their businesses, education for their children, and working rights. At The Rhoades School, the 6th graders raised $1500 to help these artists from Nicaragua and Guatemala by selling the pulseras to our school community. We also sold bolsitas, which are handwoven handbags made by these artisans.


By selling pulseras, we changed someone's life, and it felt so good helping these artisans. In our Spanish class, we also learned about the "Nica" culture, and how everyone in Nicaragua is extremely happy. Nicaragua is ranked #14 for happiness in the world!


I hope we made a big impact on the artisans from Nicaragua and Guatemala, helping them with their children's education, working rights, and their homes.



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