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August 31, 2016

The Rhoades Foundation is excited to welcome you to the new school year with a new website where you can find out about all we have going on.   We hope you will take a few minutes to visit our new website and learn about the tools and information that are available to you.  We frequently post news and updates to the site, so check back regularly to see what is new.  Here’s a quick overview of the things you will and won’t find on our new website.


The website offers great news and information on upcoming Foundation events and projects we are working on.  You will also find quick links to all the school information you use every day such as the calendar, class parent information and the school store.  There is a complete list of Foundation events and a listing of who to contact to volunteer your time and efforts.  School lunch ordering starts here as well.



Once the school year begins and class information is set, we will offer a list of room parents and the class email lists for all your party planning.  A change to our website is that we will not be offering a school directory this year.  While we know some people will miss this information, we have decided to move the sharing of family information amongst the school community away from our website and to the school website. In an evolving online world of security breaches and hackers, we would not be able to guarantee the security and protection of the personal information and identities of our school community.   Creating a system with higher levels of security would be costly and we did not feel this was the best way to invest the limited resources of your Foundation.  Classroom parents may create a list of parent names and phone numbers if people want to share that amongst themselves and teachers will have a directory of families and children made available to them from the school. 


We hope you will enjoy our new website and look forward to your ideas and participation in our Foundation events for the new school year.   Welcome back to Rhoades!

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