The Rhoades Foundation has partnered with Flippin' Pizza to deliver hot Cheese or Pepperoni pizza slices along with a selection of fruits and veggies, dessert, and a beverage each Friday. Pizza Friday registration is available only twice per school year - in September and December. Reminder emails for Pizza Friday are sent prior to those months and you can also sign up here.


Pizza Fridays begin on September 8th and ends Friday December 15th.  Prices are as follows:

Fall Semester (13 weeks)

·            Cheese or Pepperoni 1 slice – $87.75

·            Cheese or Pepperoni 2 slices - $113.75

Entire Year (34 weeks)

·            Cheese or Pepperoni 1 slice – $229.50

·            Cheese or Pepperoni 2 slices - $297.50

When ordering for more than one student please use the Continue Shopping (not the Add More) option to place the second order.  You should be prompted to add the second child’s name and class which will ensure they are properly listed for their lunch order.

Please place your orders by September 6th.


Should you wish to volunteer or have any questions, please contact us at


A portion of the proceeds from the food items below benefit the Rhoades Foundation


Fall Social



The Rhoades Foundation has partnered with Which Wich to deliver sandwiches to the school every Wednesday. Orders may be placed as much as 4 weeks ahead, or as late as the morning of.

1. To begin order process, go to:

2. Enter Pick up Date as the desired Wednesday and pick up time as 11:00.

3. Choose your category (KIDSWICH is the most popular for children, but you may order anything on the menu) of sandwich, salad, drinks or desserts. Then select the desired menu item. An electronic bag for this item will ‘pop-up’ to allow you to select all your favorite options on your sandwich or salad. ***Very Important – in the SPECIAL REQUESTS section of the ‘pop - up’ electronic bag (above the “add to cart” area), type ‘Rhoades’ and Your Child’s Name and Grade.*****

Also type child’s name into the “Who’s this order for?” box. Select ‘add to order’. You may add as many different menu items as you want delivered to school.

4.When all your items have been chosen, then select ‘continue’ on the cart paper bag. Use the on-line payment features to pay for your order and then select ‘complete order’. A receipt will be sent to the email address you specified if you set up an account. Ignore the “Ready for Pick-up” message as the order will be delivered to school for Wednesday lunch by Which Wich for the Rhoades Foundation! If there are any concerns about your order at any time, contact the store at 760-942-9424 and they will be happy to assist. :-)

Place orders up to 4 weeks in advance or as late as 9AM each Wednesday.



The Rhoades School works with Ki's School Lunches to offer lunch delivered to the school every day. Orders must be placed at least the day before, and may be ordered further in advance. Click Here to login or create an account and order lunches. Click Here for the Rhoades School information page about this program.


Find us: 

The Rhoades School Foundation
141 S. Rancho Santa Fe Road Encinitas, CA 92024